Trivia about Valentine’s Day 2002

Valentine's Day 2002

Love is one of the strongest emotions known to bind people of all ages, races and creeds. In the Philippines, one of the most celebrated occasions is Valentine’s Day during which love is expressed in so many ways. Among the enduring ways to express one’s love is through love letters and greeting cards sent and received here and abroad. Receiving one during Valentine’s Day triggers shivers of excitement. The feeling of being loved and remembered on this special day will be felt more intensely if the message of love of the sender is known to the recipient even before the mail is opened. For Valentine’s Day 2002, a set of four (4) colorful, cheery and distinctively Filipino stamps will be issued for this special day for lovers:

Valentine's Day 2002

1. “I Love You in Nine Dialects” – In the Philippines, love can be expressed in many languages. Springing out of an envelope is this endearing message in nine (9) predominant languages in the Philippines: Tagalog – “Maha/ Kita” lIocano – “Ay-ayaten ka”; Pampango – “Ka/uguran daka”; Bicolano – “Namumuot ako sa imo”; Cebuano – “Hinigugma kita”; Hiligaynon – “Pa/angga ko ikaw”; Maranaw – “Pekabebayaan ko sika”; Waray – “Hinigugma ko ikaw”; and Pangasinense – “/nararo taca”.

2. Love Beyond Religion – Cute caricatures of a man clad in typical Muslim costume and a woman dressed in a traditional baro’t saya framed by a heart underscores that love can blossom even among individuals of different religious beliefs.

3. Love among God’s Creatures – Cats and dogs are universally known to be natural enemies but these pets, when raised together in love, exemplifies the universality of love among God’s creatures.

4. Love Flying in the Air – Love knows no geographic boundaries. It flourishes even among people across nations. This is artistically presented through a passenger air balloon studded with hearts set over stripes of different colors.

Stamps featuring Valentine’s Day 2002

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