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Trivia about the La Union National High School

The San Fernando High School, the given name of La Union High School when it opened its doors on January 19, 1903 to fifty-five students, was the first secondary school established in La Union during the administration of Senor Joaquin Ortega, the first civil governor of the province. Classes then were held in buildings made of stones.


Trivia about Sen. Ambrosio B. Padilla

“AMBROSIO BIBBY PADILLA  was born in Lingayen, Pangasinan on December 7, 1910, the eighth of 11 children to Dr. Nicanor Padilla and Ysabel Bibby. On May 4, 1941, he married the beautiful Lourdes “Lily” de las Alas, the eldest daughter of Don Antonio de las Alas who served as Secretary of Finance under President Manuel L. Quezon. They were blessed with 10 children: 6 boys and 4 girls.

“Paddy (as he would be fondly remembered) was an exemplary and gifted student, possessing an outstanding scholastic record. He graduated summa cum laude from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts; finished his Bachelor of Laws as salutatorian at the University of the Philippines; and placed third overall in the 1934 bar examinations. He earned his Doctorate Degree in Civil Laws (D.C.L.) meritissimus at the University of Sto. Tomas.

Trivia about the 23rd Southeast Asian Games


The 23rd SEAGAMES adopted the Philippine Eagle as its mascot. Named "Gilas", the Philippine eagle is one of the world's largest eagles, distinct for the majestic plumage on the top of its head. It is a symbol of strength and pride. As the 23rd SEA Games mascot, it aptly captures the winning spirit of all the participating athletes.

The Southeast Asian Games is the largest and most significant multi-sport event in the region and is held every two years to enable athletes to meet in friendly competition as well as to foster goodwill, friendship and solidarity, in alignment with the aims and aspirations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 

Trivia about the 3rd ASEAN Para Games

The Philippines is hosting the 3rd ASEAN Para Games, a biennial multi-sports championship for the differently abled on December 14-21, 2005 with over 1,200 athletes from eleven (11) countries seeing action. It follows the Southeast Asian Games and is hosted by the same country where the SEA Games take place.


Trivia about the 2004 XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens, Greece


Greece was the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, and the first modern Olympics was also held in Greece in 1896. So it is very appropriate that the Olympics return to Greece once more.

Over 10,000 athletes and over 5,000 team officials from 201 National Olympic Committees will participate in the 28 different sports events between August 13 and 29. There will be 301 medal ceremonies.



Trivia about the “Ang Batang Pinoy Laban sa Droga” National Stamp Design Contest

In response to the State of the Nation Address of Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the third session of the 12th Congress at Batasang Pambansa, the Philippine Postal Corporation launched the "Ang Batang Pinoy Laban Sa Droga" National Stamp Design Contest.  As President Arroyo uhderscored the need for a collective effort in fighting the illegal drug trade in the country, this contest was designed to create awareness among the youth regarding their role in the anti-druq campaign of the government.


Trivia about Cavite National High School

The Cavite High School was founded on June 19, 1902 at Garita, San Roque, Cavite. It opened its doors to thirty students on July 1, 1902. Mr. Sidney K. Mitchell, a Thomasite teacher stationed in Cavite, was the first school principal. The enrolment reached two hundred forty in the school year 1904-05. In 1906, the school was transferred to P. Gomez St., which is the present site of the Dra. Olivia Salamanca Hospital. Again, in June of 1928, Cavite High School moved to the district of La Caridad preparatory to the acquisition of its permanent site.