The Stamp Language


Are stamps where part or all of the receipt are given over to some charitable cause, public welfare, or other relief fund. On most of these stamps are mentioned the amount for postage in addition to a surtax for the find. The total of both is the price of the stamp. These stamps are usually easy to identify as most of them will have the plus (+) sign.


These indicate that the sender has paid an extra fee which grantees that the letter or package will be delivered to its destination immediately upon arrival at the local post office. Otherwise it has to wait its tum along with the ordinary mail for regular delivery.


Special stamps affixed by the post office on mail matter lacking or having insufficient postage. The amount specified is collected from the receiver of the letter. Postage Due stamps as a general rule have a central numeral design. This is to make it convenient to collect the required amount. The above Philippine Postage Due stamps were issued in.1947.

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