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Trivia about the birth anniversary of Fr. Andres de Urdaneta

Fr. Fray de Urdaneta was a Spanish Augustinian friar, sail captain and explorer who was in the Legaspi Expedition that left Spain for the Philippines on Novembe 21, 1564 on board the ship Capitana that sailed along with the galleons San Pablo and San Pedro and the tenders of San Juan and San Lucas.

Trivia about the Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc


Every institution possesses a PAST which it fondly looks back to, a PRESENT which it carefully nurtures and develops and a FUTURE which it eagerly looks forward to.

Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc. is no exception.

In school year 1951-1952, the Religious of the Virgin Mary Sisters opened an annex of the Immaculate Conception College (now known as the University of the Immaculate Conception) at Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City. The annex was
built upon the request of parents living at Sta. Ana District, and with permission from the local bishop since the school building was erected on a land owned by the Roman Catholic Apostolic Administrator of Davao. The ICC annex provided kindergarten, elementary, and secondary courses for boys and girls, but by school year 1955-1956, it became a separate school and was named the “Holy
Cross Academy of Davao.” Read more on the history of HCDC at their official website at



Trivia about the Goethe Institut Philippinen

The Goethe-Institut Philippinen serendipitously commemorates its 50th anniversary in the Philippines this year on the margins of the 150th anniversary of Dr. José Rizal’s birth. Philpost launches this June four stamps celebrating this milestone with designs that pay homage to Dr. Rizal’s legacy and salute the long history of German-Philippine relations to which Rizal has made enduring contributions.

During his stay in Germany, he served as a catalyst for exchange between the two countries. Following his sojourn in France, Rizal travelled to Heidelberg in February of 1886 to study opthalmology under Dr. Otto Becker at the University Eye Clinic. It was there that Rizal wrote A Las Flores de Heidelberg while grappling with a bout of homesickness.

Trivia about the Philippine Endemic Lizards


Arvin C. Diesmos, Ph.D. is Scientist II and is in-charge of the Herpetology Section in the Zoology Division of the National Museum of the Philippines, Manila.
Mae Lowe L. Diesmos, M.Sc. is Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila
Cameron D. Siler is a Ph.D. candidate and an herpetologist at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
Rafe M. Brown, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA and is a Research Associate of the National Museum of the Philippines.
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Trivia about the CARD MRI

A group of 15 rural development practitioners organized the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) Inc. as a social development foundation in December 1986 as a concerted response to the growing poverty incidence in depressed communities in Regions IV and V, particularly in the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, Mindoro Oriental, Mindoro Occidental, Marinduque, Masbate and the Bicol Region. Its vision has always been to establish a bank created for, owned and managed by landless rural women. In the words of CARD Founding President and now Managing Director, Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, Only by creating a vehicle for asset ownership, can we ensure that the poor will gain control over their own resources and over their own destiny. Read more on the history of CARD MRI on its official website (

Trivia about the Department of Budget and Management


The Budget Commission was established by Executive Order (EO) No. 25 issued on April 25, 1936. It became a Ministry by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1405, signed on June 11, 1978. Following the pattern in the United States Federal Government, the Budget Commission/Ministry of the Budget (now the Department of Budget and Management) is separate from other fiscal agencies of government like the Ministry/Department of Finance. Read more on the history of DBM on its official website (


Trivia about the Philippine Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of the Philippines is local chapter of the Rotary International in the Philippine community. As stated in Rotary Club Manila/ History of Rotary, the Philippines has a total of 537 Rotary clubs and 17,011 Rotarians recently.

The first rotary club in the Philippines and the first in Asia is Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) which has been under the direct supervision of the International Association of Rotary Clubs (now Rotary International).

The Rotary Club of the Philippines has been a source of support to other community service projects. It also offers scholarships to deserving students. The club also holds medical and surgical services in the indigenous communities to serve the needy.

Trivia about the Dia Del Galeon Festival

Recently, an interesting article was written in the about the Dia Del Galeon Festival 2010, which states:

“The Día del Galeón Festival celebrates the unique journey of the Manila galleons and their place in maritime history – spanning the globe and linking the Philippines with Mexico and Spain. For 250 years (from 1565 – 1815) the Manila galleons were a conduit for global trade and cultural exchange between Europe, the New World and Asia.
“In October 2009 UNESCO recognized the unique part the Manila galleons played in the globalization of trade and cultural exchange by declaring 8th October as the international “Día del Galeón” (day of the galleon). Motivated by Senator Edgardo Angara, the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in conjunction with the embassies of Spain and Mexico, spearheaded the creation of a month-long series of events that will span the traditional galleon trade route through the Philippines.

Trivia about the Security Bank Corporation

Security Bank Corporation, as it is known today, has a proud history of financial management expertise, with a proven track record of stability and consistent profitability achieved through an efficient, perceptive and forward-thinking management style.

Established on June 18, 1951, it has established itself as one of the country’s most stable and best managed financial institution, with six decades of corporate success. Security Bank stands firm on a solid reputation as one of the Philippines’ top ten private domestic universal banks in terms of assets, deposits, capital and return on equity. Read more on the history of Security Bank on its official website (


Trivia about the University of the Philippines College of Law

“President Benigno S. Aquino III declared 2011 as the “University of the Philippines College of Law Centennial Year.” The entire UP Law community, along with its alumni, will celebrate 100 years of excellence in law, with various Centennial activities, prepared and organized by the UP Law Centennial Commission, set to officially begin January 2011 as UP Law Celebrates its centennial month. The Centennial Celebration has been given the theme, “The College of Law and the Challenges to Philippine Law at the Beginning of its Second Century.”