The Stamp Language

Are stamps where part or all of the receipt are given over to some charitable cause, public welfare, or other relief fund. On most of these stamps are mentioned the amount for postage in addition to a surtax for the find.

Stamps featuring the International Year of Freshwater

The Philippine Postal Corporation will issue a souvenir sheet to raise awareness in better managing and protecting crucial fresh water resources and to publicize the International Year of Freshwater, as declared by the United Nations for the year 2003.

Trivia about Philippine Birds III

Mountain Verditer-Flycatcher ( Eumyias panayensis )
Common in forest, it is popularly called "Lito-lito" in Pilipino. Forehead, lores and chin, deep black; feather bordering black, face bright verditer blue, rest of upperparts verditer blue; belly and undertail coverts white; wing and tail feathers dark grey edged in brighter verditer blue.

Stamps featuring the National Stamp Collecting Month

The Philippine Postal Corporation will issue a set of stamps and a souvenir sheet in celebration of the National Stamp Collecting Month (November), featuring works of some comics illustrators, as tribute to more great achievers in Philippine art.