Trivia about the Yuchengco Group of Companies

Yuchengco Group of Companies

A hundred years of the Yuchengco family’s entrepreneurial spirit is now being celebrated by the conglomerate that has risen to be the biggest and most diversified in Southeast Asia- the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC).

According to its website, YGC’s vision says, “We are a customer–focused group of companies.

“We provide integrated, world-class products and services, delivering superior value throughout the lives of our customers.

Yuchengco Group of Companies

“We are a dynamic and professional organization, continuously improving our competitive capabilities and fully responsive to the national interest and the needs of our stakeholders.

“We work as a synergistic team and build mutually rewarding partnerships to sustain our growth.

“We stand behind our commitment: Integrity and Service Excellence, aimed at enhancing the quality of life of our people.

The Blue Hexagon Service Quality Code

“We believe that customers are our reason for being. We listen to them and understand them. We offer them the best products and services.

“We believe that to achieve this, we need to continuously improve ourselves. We have to be more sensitive to their needs and wants.

“We believe that teamwork will deliver this commitment. We value and help each other and the communities we serve.

“We are YGC. This is our future. This is our battlecry: YGC=Excellence”

Stamps featuring the Yuchengco Group of Companies

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