Trivia about the National Teachers College

National Teachers College

The National Teachers College was officially incorporated on September 29, 1928. The Founders were Dr. Segundo M. Infantado, Sr. and Dr. Flora A. Ylagan. The exemplary lives they led, their teachings and ideals, inspired NTC graduates in making their Alma Mater the venerable institution of learning for educators that it is today.

Through the years the NTC has continuously striven to make its academic programs relevant to the life and progress of the nation. It believes in democratic education and its main objective is to mold a corps of dedicated and competent educators who shall in turn impart on their students such virtues and qualities as are needed in the formation of a good citizenry and an ideal society. In recognition of its 75 fruitful years of service to the Country, the National Teachers College faithfully adheres to the principles of democracy, responsibility and social competence. The design is based on the “Ang Karunungan ay Tanglaw” monument, a sculptural piece of art that depicts the Filipino’s unsatiable thirst for knowledge and esteemed regard for education. A fitting tribute to Dona Teodora Alonzo, mother of our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

A brainchild of Dr. Priscilla Y. Arguelles, herself a veteran educator and now President and Chair of the NTC Board of Trustees, the monument was skillfully executed by a young sculptor, Paul Ouiafio and now it proudly stands on the Triangular Island bounded by Legarda and J. Nepomuceno streets adding beauty and splendor to the City and helping restore the old glory that once was Manila.

Stamps featuring the National Teachers College

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