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Trivia about the Development Bank of the Philippines

Development Bank of the Philippines' history can be traced back to the Commonwealth years when the early infrastructure for development financing was laid down by the government.

In 1935, the National Loan and Investment Board (NUB) was created to coordinate and manage government trust funds such as the Postal Savings Fund and the Teachers' Retirement Fund.



Trivia about the Pfizer Philippines

The story of Pfizer Philippines can be traced back to 1954 when it registered as a corporation with a total of 9 employees. Its entry into the pharmaceutical industry was not without challenges as the business climate in country during the 50's proved to be volatile. Driven by dynamic leadership and pioneering spirit, the local team sought to provide value to the community through the business.


Trivia about Grepalife

As the Philippine economy regained composure in the wake of World War II, five distinguished individuals – Don Antonio de las Alas, Don Alfonso Sycip, Hon. Jorge Vargas, Romeo Villonco and Alfonso Yuchengco – perceived a potential growth area in the financial services arena.

Trivia about the anniversary of the Tanduay Distillers, Inc

Tanduay traces its corporate origin to 1854 as a distillery in Hagonoy, Bulacan that was originally owned by Elias Menchatorre Y Cia. In 1860, the distillery was acquired by Ynchausti Y Cia, a partnership owned by Joaquin Elizalde, Juan Bautista Yrissary and Joaquin Ynchausti, that was later renamed Elizalde & Company, Inc. in 1935 when the Elizaldes bought the shares of Ynchausti.

Trivia about Aviation

At about 10:35 in the morning of 17th December, 1903 Orville Wright made the first powered flight in a fully controllable aircraft, which the Wright brothers designed and developed. The flight lasted just 12 seconds and stretched only 120 feet. In the next few hours however, Wilbur and Orville made four flights, the longest was 852 feet. After the fourth flight, a gust of wind rolled the aircraft over and smashed it.

Trivia about the Benguet Corporation

Benguet Corporation was incorporated on August 12, 1903 by two former American soldiers-mining prospectors and a soda fountain owner, who were among the many Americans who stayed in the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. The Company pioneered modern gold mining operation in the country and ushered the beginning of the Philippine mining industry. Benguet Corporation opened its first gold mine in 1906 in Antamok and in 1927 acquired and operated the gold mines in nearby Balatoc and Acupan, all located in the Benguet province.


Trivia about the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Foundation (CCPF)

The Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Foundation (CCPF), traces its beginnings to the Camara de Comercio de Filipinas established by virtue of the Royal Decree of April 19, 1886 issued by the Queen Regent Maria Cristina of Spain. At the end of the Spanish regime on July 19, 1903, the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (CCP) was incorporated with the officers and members of the Camara de Comercio de Manila (which later became the Camara de Comercio de Filipinas) as founding members, indicating the continuity of the institutional identity.

Trivia about the Rural Banks in the Philippines

The establishment of rural banks in the Philippines traces its beginnings with the enactment of Republic Act 720 in June 1952. The Act envisioned the rural banks “;to promote and expand the rural economy in an orderly and effective manner by providing the people of the rural communities with the means of facilitating and improving their productive activities and to encourage cooperatives.”