Trivia about the Philippines – Korea Diplomatic Relations 2009

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Philippines bilateral relations with Korea. Korea is one of the Philippines’ largest trading partners. The mutual understanding of Philippines and Korea is shown when the Armed Forces of the Philippines helped fight Korea and its allies during the Korean War better known as Philippine Expedition Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) under the United Nations command with Gen. Douglas McArthur, as commanding general.

ln celebration of the 60 Years of Philippines – Korea Diplomatic Relations, the Philippine Postal Corporation will issue a joint stamp together with Korea Post featuring Philippines’ Panagbenga Flower Festival and Korea’s Sonori (Cow Play) in Hangawi.

The Panagbenga Flower Festival is celebrated in the whole month of February in Baguio City which is considered not only the Philippines’ summer capital because of its cool climate but also the country’s flower capital where various kinds of beautiful flowers bloom. The festival showcase the rich and colorful variations of flowers blooming within the city.

Spectacular car festooned with floral decorations are followed by dancers and citizens who decorate themselves with flowers marching through out the streets cheerfully singing and dancing. It is also during this time of the year that the city blooms with certain enigmatic smile that captures the enthusiasm of Filipinos.

Hangawi (Chuseok) which falls on the 1Sth of August of the lunar calendar, is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, when people celebrate the years’ good harvest and observe worship service to family ancestors. At this time, when newly harvested grains and fruits are abundant, as indicated in the saying “May everyday be neither more or less than Hangawi!”, the Sonori is performed. To the tune of cheerful musical instruments of the farmer’s band, two people put on straw mats shaped like a cow and visit door to door, wishing a years’good harvest, peace and tranquilty.

Stamps featuring the Philippines – Korea Diplomatic Relations

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