Trivia about Butterflies IV

Butterflies IV

A veritable paradise for butterfly collectors and nature-lovers, the PHILIPPINES is home to all the families of Rhopalocera (butterfly) in the Indo-Australian region. Be one a collector, a nature-lover, a scientist…. in pursuit of his calling or a captive adventurer driven by the spirit of chase, one will encounter, to his satisfaction and delight, the numerous species found throughout the archipelago.

The epitome of aerial freedom; able to move through our natural world in three dimensions, and mysterious in their fantastic transformations from one stage of their life cycle to the next, butterflies are truly creatures of wonder. Dig into their world, explore their fascinating adaptations and natural history, and see what attracts people from all walks of life to these winged jewels…

Parantica danatti danatti (Talbot, 1936)

Parantica danatti danatti (Talbot, 1936)
This species inhabits forested areas at high elevations in Mindanao, 1200 up 2500 meters. Range: S.E. Mindanao (Mt. Apo, etc.)

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