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Trivia about the Development Bank of the Philippines

Development Bank of the Philippines' history can be traced back to the Commonwealth years when the early infrastructure for development financing was laid down by the government.

In 1935, the National Loan and Investment Board (NUB) was created to coordinate and manage government trust funds such as the Postal Savings Fund and the Teachers' Retirement Fund.



Trivia about the Philippines – Korea Diplomatic Relations 2009

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Philippines bilateral relations with Korea. Korea is one of the Philippines' largest trading partners. The mutual understanding of Philippines and Korea is shown when the Armed Forces of the Philippines helped fight Korea and its allies during the Korean War better known as Philippine Expedition Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) under the United Nations command with Gen. Douglas McArthur, as commanding general.

Trivia about the Bureau of Corrections

Corrections in the Philippines started during pre colonial times. It was however only during the Spanish regime when an organized corrective service was made operational. The main penitentiary was the Old Bilibid Manila, which was established in 1847 pursuant to Section 1708 of the Revised Administrative Code. Royal Decree in 1865.

Trivia about Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Born in Zumarraga, Guipuzcoa, Spain around 500 years ago, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi went to Mexico in 1545 where he became clerk of the Cabildo or municipal government. He was appointed in 1561 to lead an expedition to discover the islands of the West called Islas Poniente. He formally colonized the Marianas and the Philippines in 1565 and established a settlement in Cebu, which was first name as the Villa del Santisimo Nombre de Jesus. He founded the city of Manila in 1571.

Trivia about the State Visit of U.S. President George W. Bush to the Philippines

The state visit of U.S. President George W. Bush on October 18,2003 further cemented Philippine-U.S. relations. It came at a time when the world was on the throes of terrorism which upto now remains unyielding. But firm as the terrorists are, the U.S. and its allies (including the Philippines) are just as determined to seek out and destroy their enemies in a kind of warfare that is not conventional and which could not have an end in sight.

Trivia about Aviation

At about 10:35 in the morning of 17th December, 1903 Orville Wright made the first powered flight in a fully controllable aircraft, which the Wright brothers designed and developed. The flight lasted just 12 seconds and stretched only 120 feet. In the next few hours however, Wilbur and Orville made four flights, the longest was 852 feet. After the fourth flight, a gust of wind rolled the aircraft over and smashed it.

Trivia about Marikina, the Shoe Capital of the Philippines

The City of Marikina, dubbed as the country's shoemaking capital, aims for world attention as ten craftsmen from the Marikina Colossal Footwear Foundation create what would be the world’s biggest pair of shoes in an attempt to break into the Guiness Book of World Records. The shoes when completed would be 5.5 meters long, 2.0 meters wide, and 1.98 meters high. Fifteen persons can fit into one shoe. The record-breaking pair should fit someone who is 125 feet tall. The shoes cost 1.5 million pesos and have about 200,000 stitches using 1,000 meters of thread.