Trivia about the Battle of Mabitac

Battle of Mabitac

In response to a war challenge earlier called by a Filipino revolutionary general, Juan Cailles, Colonel Cheatham of the U.S. forces based in Sta. Cruz, Laguna ordered a company each of the 37th and 15th Infantry Regiments to attack the revolutionary camp at Mabitac, Laguna. Commanded by Captain David Mitchell of the 15th Infantry, the group was ordered to attack from two sides: east of the river and west over the water.

 Battle of Mabitac

The attack took place on September 17. (Bungling it right off) The company from the 15th Infantry made the mistake of advancing through the road, instead of the east, immediately falling into the firing range of the Filipinos. Swiftly, the whole lead group was killed, including Captain Mitchell and a sergeant. The soldiers of the company from the 37th Infantry then came to the rescue by driving the revolutionaries from their trenches. By then, however, they had lost 20 men and 30 rifles, and sustained 24 wounded. As soon as the Americans retreated from the battle scene, the victorious revolutionaries retook Mabitac.

Stamps featuring the Battle of Mabitac

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