Trivia about the Year of the Horse

The Horse always looks terrific! He’s got plenty of sex-appeal and he knows how to dress formally. He adores anything where there will be plenty of people – concerts, theaters, meetings, sporting occasions, parties… the lot! He is often a sportsman of some note. He knows how to make a compliment ind to turn a pretty phrase: he is gay, sympathetic, amusing, gossipy and always popular.

Year of the Horse

Above all, the Horse is cut out to be in politics, a career could bring him personal satisfaction with the opportunity to grind his own axe. He could be a winner here, because he has the facility to sway the crowd.

Year of the Horse

He, is very quick-witted and [9 js right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you are saying: he’s on to the though of your mind even before you’ve expressed it! This permits him to forestall any arguments – whether he approves or disapproves 6t them that his opposite number can dream on.

Year of the Horse

ln’general, the Horse is gifted, as handily in practical matters as he is with his mind. But in truth he is really more cunning than intelligent – and he knows it. Which is why, despite that air of assurance, he lacks confidence in himself. At heart he is weak.

Year of the Horse

The horse is hot blooded, hot-headed and impatient. Because of this, he is often apt to talk himself out of his ability to make himself well known. Those who have suffered one of his rages will never feel quite the same about him again, for his fits of temper are inevitably a bit childish. If he wants to succeed, he has to master them.

The Horse is selfish. He will crash anyone,blocking his way without the least remorse, for his ambition is all-consuming. He’s a bit of an egoist, too, and it,s rare for him to interest himself in any problems except his own-though will, on occasion, intervene courageously in other people’s affairs.independent and self-willed, he will always go his own way-and he never takes advice! The sooner he leaves the bosom of the family to make his own life, the better it will be for him. He’ll do it gladly, too, because the atmosphere of the home is important to him – so long as he has made it.

When in his turn he brings up his own family he is going to be the wheel about which the whole thing turns; and he is going to love it. Everything will revolve about him: his job, his problems, his health, the ironing of his shirts, the crease in his trousers. (Though it should be said that this attitude is justified be the fact that his attention protects the family: if ever he disappears or leaves them for any reason, the whole thing will come tumbling down like a house of cards.)

Though this egoist works only for himself and his own success, his work nevertheless benefits everybody – and his output is invariably good!

The Horse is a worker, adept at handling money and a good financier. Unfortunately, as he’s a creature of changing moods he is liable to lose interest suddenly in things he’s taken up, whether it’s a love affair, a single deal in business, or a whole career. But never mind! – he”ll start again with the same determination, and he’ll enjoy an equal success. He can make it in any career that demands neither solitude nor meditation, for he is an extroved and he needs to be surrounded by the people who approve of him and flatter him.

In his relations with the opposite sex, the Horse is weak. He’ll give up everything for love. A Horse in love becomes besotted to the exclusion of everything else. That’s why, in his life, he’s so often left high and dry despite his positive gifts. But if he can manage to overcome this weakness, if his ambition gets the better of his passion, he can live happily and successfully.

The Horse can make his life with the Goat. Conspirators together, they can go around the precises of life while the changeable sense of humor of the Goat, the whims by which he is seized, will bounce off the armor of selfishness worn by the Horse. Neither of them will be aware of it, what’s morel

For opposite reasons, the Horse can live amicably with the Dog or the Tiger. These two, intent on the solution of their own psychological problems, will pay no attention to the romantic instability of the Horse. As far as they are concerned, he can live his own life and get own with it.

Whatever happens, the Horse must not marry the Rat – in particular if the Horse is female and born under the sign of Fire Horse (1846, 1 906, 1966, etc.). Any liaison between this two passionate natures can only result in sparks which must lead to conflagration.

The first pad of the Horse’s life – and the second – will be full of ups and downs. He will leave his home and family while he is still young, and this will bring its own disappointments. His love life will be by no means smooth. But the third phase will be a peaceful one.

The six decades spanning the gaps between the years of the Fire Horse mean that this rare sign occurs only in the years 1 846, 1 906, 1966,2026, etc. These years are bad for the Horse themselves and bad for families who have in the house, because his influence can change from beneficial to malign, and such families will become subject of illness, accidents and bad luck in general.

Men and women actually born in the year of the Fire Horse will have the same characteristics as the ordinary Horse – but they will be accentuated, in the good qualities as well as in the bad. The lire Horse will thus be a harder worker, a more cunning individual, more independent, more gifted..and, alas, far more selfish. His passionate nature and the frantic egotism which seizes him will lead him to commit his worst excesses when he is in love.

There are those who say that the Fire Horse can be a good influence in his own family. But popular belief assert that he will make trouble in the home he was born in just as he does in the one he himself has built.

What we know is that the Fire Horse will have a career.

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