Trivia about the National Museum of the Philippines

National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines is a government institution under the Office of the President mandated by law as the country’s caretaker and repository of its cultural heritage.

National Museum of the Philippines

It was established on October 29, 1901 as a division of the insular Museum of Ethnology, Natural History and Commerce under the Department of Public instruction and since then has undergone several transformations from one bureau to another until 1928, when it was officially organized as the National Museum by virtue of Philippine Legislature Act No. 3477. In 1975, it was transferred to the Department of Education, Culture and Sports until 1998, when R.A. 8492 known as the National Museum Act was approved placing it under the Office of the President.

Its main offices are located at the Old Congress Bldg., along P. Burgos Street, Manila. Presently, its permanent exhibitions are distributed at the Old Congress Bldg,, for the natural history and arts exhibits, and at the former Finance Bldg., now known as “The Museum of the Filipino People’ along Valencia Circle, Rizal Park, Manila for anthropological and archaeological displays. The National Museum also maintains a Planetarium located in Rizal Park, and has at present 25 archaeological sites and branch museums all over the archipelago.

Along its commitment to serve, the National Museum conducts programs and projects towards educating the public and inculcating cultural awareness, pride and nationalism through its vast collections.

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