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Cavite National High School

The Cavite High School was founded on June 19, 1902 at Garita, San Roque, Cavite. It opened its doors to thirty students on July 1, 1902. Mr. Sidney K. Mitchell, a Thomasite teacher stationed in Cavite, was the first school principal. The enrolment reached two hundred forty in the school year 1904-05. In 1906, the school was transferred to P. Gomez St., which is the present site of the Dra. Olivia Salamanca Hospital. Again, in June of 1928, Cavite High School moved to the district of La Caridad preparatory to the acquisition of its permanent site. And finally, on November 21, 1930, the first stone of the Gabaldon Building was officially laid in a six-hectare site donated by the Caridad Estate of Cavite through Mr. Hammond H. Buck, a former Thomasite teacher.

Cavite National High School

What was adopted by the school in the 20’s to the 30’s was the American public school system. It was basically a preparatory school for students who were entering universities or preparing for higher educational work of a general nature, for Filipino teachers working for higher degrees in education, and for those who wished to enroll in trade and agriculture and clerical positions. The academic courses also included all subjects, including grammar, usually taught in American high schools and with the addition of Spanish subjects.

The Fifth Congress passed Republic Act No. 3694. Approved by President Diosdado Macapagal, it converted the Cavite High School to Cavite National High School on June 22, 1963. This conversion carried an appropriation amounting to Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos for the purpose of providing a comprehensive curriculum, which included academic and vocational courses.

A revised secondary curriculum known as the 2-2 plan was implemented in the school year 1957-58. This 2-2 plan provided the general curriculum for the first two years and elective curriculum, college preparatory or vocational, for the last two years. The Revised Secondary Educational Program (RESP) replaced the 2-2 plan in 1973. In 1987, the New Secondary Educational Curriculum (NSEC), under the supervision of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, was implemented by the school up to the present.

Today, 258 teachers and employees of the Cavite National High School headed by Dr. Edna V. Perez, school principal, and the 6,896 students serve as shining examples of the high sense of commitment and dedication to attain a high standard of education envisioned by the founders of this school.

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