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Trivia about the Grace Christian College

In 1945, God allowed special people to catch a vision. The First Baptist Church of Doylestown, Pennsylvania sponsored a missionary conference and commissioned its own Pastor, Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Spahr as missionaries to the Philippines. Rev. and Mrs. Spahr ministered to the US servicemen stationed in Manila and handled pastoral duties to the Filipino congregation of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF MANILA.

Trivia about Xavier School

Many Jesuit missionaries who left China in 1949 found a new home and mission in the overseas Chinese community of the Philippines. Eventually, through sheer determination, perseverance, and faith, an international group of Jesuits led by the late Frs. Jean Desautels, Louis Papilla, and Cornelius Pineau set up Xavier School (Kuang Chi).

Trivia about St. Scholastica’s College

The turn of the twentieth century brought about dramatic changes in the life of the Philippines. In I898, Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States. Then in 1902 the Philippine Education Act established the system of public schools, and no religious instruction was allowed in those schools.

Trivia about the Liceo de Cagayan University

This year marks the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the Liceo de Cagayan University. Founded in 1955 by the late Atty. Rodolfo N. Pelaez of Cagayan de Oro City and his wife, Elsa P. Pelaez of Cebu City, the Liceo offers a wide scope of faculties and programs, among others: the College of Arts and Sciences, Education, Commerce, Engineering, Law, Information Technology, Nursing, Criminology, Radiologic Technology, Physical Therapy, Graduate Studies and Basic Education Department.

Trivia about the Manila Central University

The Manila Central University had very humble beginnings. In 1903, at the request of several students from the University of Sto. Tomas and other individuals, Dr. Alejandro Albert organized a private review class.

Trivia about the National Teachers College

The National Teachers College was officially incorporated on September 29, 1928. The Founders were Dr. Segundo M. Infantado, Sr. and Dr. Flora A. Ylagan. The exemplary lives they led, their teachings and ideals, inspired NTC graduates in making their Alma Mater the venerable institution of learning for educators that it is today.