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Trivia about the Liceo de Cagayan University

This year marks the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the Liceo de Cagayan University. Founded in 1955 by the late Atty. Rodolfo N. Pelaez of Cagayan de Oro City and his wife, Elsa P. Pelaez of Cebu City, the Liceo offers a wide scope of faculties and programs, among others: the College of Arts and Sciences, Education, Commerce, Engineering, Law, Information Technology, Nursing, Criminology, Radiologic Technology, Physical Therapy, Graduate Studies and Basic Education Department.


Trivia about the La Consolacion College Manila

March 1, 1883 marked the inauguration of the ministerial services of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion (ASOLC) in the Philippines. It was dedicated to care for forty orphans left by the 1882 cholera epidemic and was spearheaded by Sor Rita Barcelo y Pages, the Foundress and Sor Joaquina Barcelo, the co-Foundress. They then took care of the education of twelve colegialas in Mandaluyong, Rizal.



Trivia about the Grace Christian College


"In 1945, God allowed special people to catch a vision. The First Baptist Church of Doylestown, Pennsylvania sponsored a missionary conference and commissioned its own Pastor, Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Spahr as missionaries to the Philippines. Rev. and Mrs. Spahr ministered to the US servicemen stationed in Manila and handled pastoral duties to the Filipino congregation of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF MANILA.

“On the Philippine side, the vision started in a small house in Tanduay St., Manila. A renowned Chinese Christian educator, Mrs. Julia L. Tan had the vision- …academic excellence coupled with sound spiritual training.

“In God’s providence, the two visions were brought together. The “Spartan family”- Dr. and Mrs. Spahr and Mrs. Tan—prayed fervently and discussed this proposal together. Thus, the two vision and burden combined in God’s clear call to start a Christian missions school in the Philippines.

Trivia about the UP’s Official Seal, Carillon, Oblation and Centennial Logo

The UP Official Seal – the bird depicted in the logo of the University of the Philippines is an eagle. Its widespread wings symbolize the vision of the university to be a center of academic freedom. It also represents the UP students who are trained to offer their lives in the service of the Filipino people.

Trivia about Xavier School

Many Jesuit missionaries who left China in 1949 found a new home and mission in the overseas Chinese community of the Philippines. Eventually, through sheer determination, perseverance, and faith, an international group of Jesuits led by the late Frs. Jean Desautels, Louis Papilla, and Cornelius Pineau set up Xavier School (Kuang Chi).

Trivia about Far Eastern University

In 1928, a group of eminent educators led by Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr. founded the Institute of Accountancy. And in November 5, 1933, Far Eastern College, a school offering liberal arts courses, merged with the Institute of Accountancy to bolster multidisciplinary degrees in accountancy, business, finance, the arts and sciences, technology, and law.

Trivia about the Colegio de San Jose – San Jose Seminary

In 1601 the Jesuit Vice-Provincial, Fr. Diego Garcia founded the Colegio de San Jose and placed Fr. Pedro Chirino as its first rector. As later authorized by both the civil and ecclesiastical authorities, the purpose of this college was “to train ministers of the gospel” This was the start of the modem San Jose Seminary. Classes opened on August 1, 1601, and on August 25 of the same year the college received full approval.

Trivia about the Silliman University

Silliman University was founded as Silliman lnstitute, an elementary schoo! on August 28, 1901,by the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presblrterian Church in the U.S.A. under the terms of a gift from Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, a philanthropist of Cohoes, New York. lts first president was Dr. David S. Hibbard.