Trivia about Native Philippine Orchids II

Native Philippine Orchids II
Native Philippine Orchids II
Dendrobium Victoria-Reginae.This orchid has pendent bulbs that are up to 50cm long, often branched near the base; the nodes are slightly swollen. The leaves are up to 8cm long and 2cm wide. The short inflorescence appears on older sterne and bear 3 to 12 flowers. The flowers reach 30mm in diameter. The simple lip has at its center five dark violet stripes. The pollinariurn consists of two pairs of naked pollinia. As D. Papilio, it is an inhabitant of the moist, cool, mossy forest of high altitudes. Its bluish color clearly separates it from all other Dendrobium species in the country.
Geodorum Densiflorum. This orchid specie comes from a genus of about 10 species of rarely cultivated but unusually attractive terrestrial orchids. Pseudobulbs, almost round, somewhat compressed, are underground and from which rise a few broad stalked, folded leaves and erect elongate inflorescence. Flowers are medium-sized, not widely opening which are carried sharply pendulous, that do not last long, and they are waxy, fragrant, and colored. No hybrids are known.
Nervilia Plicata. About 65 species of nervilia are known. These terrestrial orchids have solitary, stalked, heart-shaped leaves, which are sometimes variegated that arise from subterranean round tubers. The inflorescence bears a few relatively large complex yellowish flowers with purple or reddish markings, especially on the lips. Usually flowers and leaves are produced at different seasons of the year. No hybrids are known.
Grammatophyllum Scriptum. About 8 species in the genus, mostly epiphytic, are found. All Grammatophyllums are expceptionally spectacular plants. They have yellowish green leaves, leathery, waxy, and the broad inflorescence is erect to strongly arching or pendulous due to the weight of flowers. Over 100 flowers in a stem that are heavy-textured and waxy open over some weeks with variable colors from greenish-yellow with irregular dark brown blotches on inner surface. Flowers appear mostly in summer.
Luisia Teretifolia. About 35 species in the genus of mostly epiphytic orchids are found. This group is closely associated with the vanda orchid and often simulate terete-Ieaved vandas. Inflorescence is short with few flowers, which open all at once, rather heavy textured and foul-smelling, yellowish or greenish and purplebrown or chocolate brown with yellowish blotch. Flowers appear in October and November more than once a year.

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