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Trivia about Far Eastern University

In 1928, a group of eminent educators led by Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr. founded the Institute of Accountancy. And in November 5, 1933, Far Eastern College, a school offering liberal arts courses, merged with the Institute of Accountancy to bolster multidisciplinary degrees in accountancy, business, finance, the arts and sciences, technology, and law.

Trivia about the La Union National High School

The San Fernando High School, the given name of La Union High School when it opened its doors on January 19, 1903 to fifty-five students, was the first secondary school established in La Union during the administration of Senor Joaquin Ortega, the first civil governor of the province. Classes then were held in buildings made of stones.

Trivia about Cavite National High School

The Cavite High School was founded on June 19, 1902 at Garita, San Roque, Cavite. It opened its doors to thirty students on July 1, 1902. Mr. Sidney K. Mitchell, a Thomasite teacher stationed in Cavite, was the first school principal.

Trivia about the Colegio de San Jose – San Jose Seminary

In 1601 the Jesuit Vice-Provincial, Fr. Diego Garcia founded the Colegio de San Jose and placed Fr. Pedro Chirino as its first rector. As later authorized by both the civil and ecclesiastical authorities, the purpose of this college was “to train ministers of the gospel” This was the start of the modem San Jose Seminary. Classes opened on August 1, 1601, and on August 25 of the same year the college received full approval.

Trivia about the Silliman University

Silliman University was founded as Silliman lnstitute, an elementary schoo! on August 28, 1901,by the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presblrterian Church in the U.S.A. under the terms of a gift from Dr. Horace Brinsmade Silliman, a philanthropist of Cohoes, New York. lts first president was Dr. David S. Hibbard.

Trivia about the San Beda College

Colegio de San Bedawas founded by Spanish Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Montserrat who had come to the Philippines in 1895 to work as missionaries in Surigao. Aftertheir imprisonment by Filipino revolutionaries in 1899, the monks came to Manila and decided to go into education. The school opened on June 17, 1901 in a two-stored building on Arlegui Street, with 212 students. Under an agreemenl signed in 1906, the University of Santo Tomas recognized the courses offered by the school. In 1910 the Colegio was granted government recognition, In 1918, it was officially renamed San Beda College.