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San Beda College

Colegio de San Beda was founded by Spanish Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Montserrat who had come to the Philippines in 1895 to work as missionaries in Surigao. Aftertheir imprisonment by Filipino revolutionaries in 1899, the monks came to Manila and decided to go into education. The school opened on June 17, 1901 in a two-stored building on Arlegui Street, with 212 students. Under an agreemenl signed in 1906, the University of Santo Tomas recognized the courses offered by the school. In 1910 the Colegio was granted government recognition, In 1918, it was officially renamed San Beda College.

San Beda College

ln 1926 the College transferred to its new campus on Mendiola Street. lts courses then included grade school, high school, premedicine. pre-larw and commerce.

ln Word War ll the college building was occupied by the USAFFE Quadermaster Corps, then by the Japanese Quartermaster Corps. After the liberation of Manila in 1945, the building briefly served as US Army hospital.

The college reopened its pre-war courses, and introduced new courses. The College of Law was founded in 1948. The collegiate department expanded with the introduction of liberal arts courses. The commerce and liberal arts departments were later combined under the College of Arts and Sciences in 1960. ln 1998 the Graduate School was established in consortium with the Paul Vl lnstitute of Liturgy, Malaybaiay, Bukidnon.

San Beda college has about 6.100 students – 1.300 In The Grade School, 1,100 in the High School; 2.800 in the College of Arts and Science and 900 college of law.

San Beda alumni include Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., Chief Justice Roberto Concepcion, General Basilio Valdez, Mayor Manuel de la Fuente, businessmen Antonio Delgado, and Antonio Roxas Chua, Senator Raui Roco, former Speaker Ramon Mitra, former Senator Bene Saguisag, former Supreme Court Justice Florenz Regalado, Florencio Campomanes, and Carlos Loyzaga.

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