Trivia about the La Union National High School

La Union National High School

The San Fernando High School, the given name of La Union High School when it opened its doors on January 19, 1903 to fifty-five students, was the first secondary school established in La Union during the administration of Senor Joaquin Ortega, the first civil governor of the province. Classes then were held in buildings made of stones.

La Union National High School

The first teachers of the school were American soldiers who were later replaced by the Thomasites. Mr. J. W. Johnson was the first school principal. In 1914, Filipino teachers were appointed, however, Americans remained at the administration’s helm. It was only in 1923, when the first Filipino principal, Cecilio Putong, assumed responsibility over the administration of the school.

The “La Union TAB,” second oldest high school paper in the country, was born in 1924 when Gabino Tabunar was principal. During World War II, classes were suspended from 1943-45 during which time the school was used as the provincial garrison of the Japanese Imperial Army. After the war, the La Union High School was transferred to Bacnotan, La Union together with the provincial government. In 1948, classes were re-opened and this paved way for the establishment to the North Provincial High School in Bacnotan and the South Provincial High School in Agoo.

In 1977, the school was nationalized, but not after its solid foundations had been laid by the provincial government. And it was now called the La Union National High School. The school curricula have kept pace with the demands of the times. In 1979, the school opened its Special Science Stream Classes (now Special Science) for students who excelled in science and mathematics. It also opened evening classes to allow working students to continue their studies through a five-year high school program, where classes are from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M. daily and whole day of Saturday. In 1998, the Special Education High School was opened for special children. In 1999 the Sports class program was opened to provide opportunity for sports inclined students to go to the sports of their choice without missing their academics. The Easy and Affordable Education (EASE) was introduced to allow students who do not have the opportunity to report to their classrooms everyday and are given modules to be done at home.

Today, the La Union National High School continues to nourish and nurture the community with its six curricula: Regular, Special, Science, Evening, Sports, and EASE. The school has come a long way to reach its 1Oath founding year. It has withstood the test of time and as it marches on to the future, it will continue to be the school for the common “tao”.

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