Trivia about the “Tailorbirds” Philippine birds

a. Philippine Tailorbird (Orthotomus c astaneic eps)
Common in dense under$owth forests.These are noisy, but not easy to see birds. It is called “Pipit Mananahi” or “Didit” in Pilipino.

b. Black Headed Tailorbird (Orthotomus nigriceps) These are mall birds; lores, eyering and eyebrow, white; rest of head, neck, throat, and upper breast, black; wing feathers blackish edged with olive green; lower breast and center of belly, darkish grey with belly feathers having white tips forming a scalloped appearance.

c. Ashy Tailorbird (Orthotomus ruficeps)
Common, best poorly known as these species are confined in the Philippines to the isolated island in Cagayan and Sulu. These are small birds; front of head, sides of face, and chin, rufous; hind crown darker extending to nape; tail light brown with white tips to outer feathers; under parts are grey with center of belly and under tail coverts white.

d. Mountain Tailorbird (Orthotomus cucull atus)
Fairly common in mountain n forests. These birds are small with rufous head, buff chin, and buff and white throat; long bill and yellow belly.

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