Trivia about Native Philippine Orchids VIII

Native Philippine Orchids VIII

Paphiopedilum urbanianum – This orchid is a semi-terrestrial orchid. The leaves are pale green, tessellated with dark green spots, up to 20 cm. long, and 4 cm. wide. The inflorescence is erect, up to about 25 cm. high, usually one or sometimes two-flowered. The dorsal sepal is up to about 35 mm. long, white with green stripes; the synsepatum is about 30 mm. long, white with green stripes; the petals are about 50 mm. long, undulate, whitish with pale green veins. The apical half is purple, spotted with dark purple, the margins sparsely hairy. The lip is about 40 mm. long, dull purple in front, greenish at back, margins at back rolled inward. The staminode is nearly circular and notched above. and below. The flower has two separated sticky pollinia.

Stamps featuring Native Philippine Orchids VIII

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