Trivia about the Postman Statue

the Postman Statue of the Philippine Postal Service

The Postman statue in front of the Main Post Office was conceived during the incumbency of Postmaster General Felizardo R. Tanabe with the recommendation of the former Postmaster of the Manila Central Post Office, Reynaldo R. Martinez as the symbol of the Philippine Postal Service. It was constructed on September 15, 1975 to coincide with the 73rd anniversary of the establishment of the Bureau of Posts under the American regime but the inauguration was deferred indefinitely for the past 25 years. Year 2000 marks the 25th year anniversary of the statue that symbolizes or epithomizes the extra-ordinary level of commitment of the postal work force, to wit:

Philippine Postal Service Centennial

“Erected on 15 September 1975, “THE POSTMAN”
represents the thousands of dedicated men
and women of the Philippine Postal Service.
“A symbol of service Excellence, the Postman
delivers mail that touches the lives of people across
the country and around the world.
“Rededicated by the men and women of the
Philippine Postal Service this 6th day of
November 2000.”

Stamps featuring the Postman Statue

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