Trivia about the Importance of Philippine Coastal Resources

Importance of Philippine Coastal Resources
Importance of Philippine Coastal Resources

The importance of Philippine coastal resources for food security, poverty alleviation and employment, cannot be overemphasized. However, they are under serious threats from over-exploitation, causing both the depletion of resources and degradation of natural habitats, and other unsustainable uses such as pollution and fishing with explosives and poisons.

In response to these threats, there are efforts underway and by now increasingly adopted through the Local Government Units, with the support by different line agencies, the academe; and non-government organizations. Coastal resources management activities are implemented with the intensive participation of communities and their people’s organization. Important aspects or components of coastal resources management are illustrated in the souvenir sheet:

1. Marine sanctuaries or marine protected areas (upper left). Marine sanctuaries are at present the best hope to conserve fish resources and protect the natural habitats of fishes. Community capability building, information and education activities, as well as advocacy are also part of the process.
2. Reef monitoring (lower left). This information is necessary to make decisions not only on the selection of reefs for establishment of marine protected areas, but also to monitor the increase of coral cover and to assess the positive impact of conservation efforts.
3. Mangrove reforestation (upper right). Philippine mangrove resources have decreased dramatically over the last decades due to production of firewood, charcoal or other uses, and conversion into coastal fishponds. Mangroves are beneficial in stabilizing coastlines, trapping sediments, and providing essential feeding and nursery grounds for a large number of economically important fish species.
4. Seaweed farming (lower right). Coastal communities depend on coastal resources for food and income and they are more likely to protect and conserve if they also gain sustainable benefits from these resources like seaweed farming and other alternative livelihood or income diversification backed by technical and entrepreneurial advisory services.

Stamps featuring the Importance of Philippine Coastal Resources

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