Trivia about the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

On February 1902, an 8-bed hospital called the Baguio Sanatorium – with a pioneering staff composed of American physicians, army nurses and hospital corpsmen headed by Dr. J. B. Thomas — was established. It was set up as part Bureau of Civil Hospitals and Sanatorium of the Philippines primarily to serve the health needs of government officials, employees and American soldiers on vacation amidst pine trees in the cool climate of Baguio. A month later, the construction of a 15-bed capacity hospital consisting of six, three-room cottages was started.

Significant Dates and Events for Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center
  • 1915 – Filipinization in when it was turned over to the Bureau of Health
  • 1923 – The establishment of a School of Nursing with nine native students
  • 1937 to 1941 – The Construction of a new Hospital
  • 1943 to 1945 – Transfer to the Saint Louis High School and temporary closure during the Second World War
  • 1948 – Reconstruction with the help of Americans
  • 1952 – Opening of the 35-bed Contagious Diseases Pavilion
  • 1955 – Induction of the first BGH Advisory Board of Officer
  • 1958 – Designation as and accreditation as one of the eleven training hospitals in the Philippines by the Philippine Medical Association and the Philippine College of Surgeons
  • 1960s to 1980s – Development into 400-bed capacity Medical Center and expansion of services cope with the needs of the people of Baguio
  • 1990 to 1992 – The demolition of the Nurses Home and other hospital buildings due to damages caused by killer earthquake that leveled many buildings in the city and its receipt of the international Baby Friendly Hospital Award from UNICEF;
  • 1993 – the mandate to function as a Center of Wellness with Preventive, Promotive and Primary HealtH Care programs aside from curative, training and research functions
  • 2001 – The theft and recovery – through ransom payment — of its reasured Amorsolo painting in 1998 and its conservation and restoration as well as the construction of additional buildings

After 100 years, The Baguio General Hospital & Medical Center hopes to continue its mission, “To provide comprehensive quality health care, training and research.”

Today, its 695 dedicated and committed personnel envision the hospital to be a model people-oriented Medical Center. There is no chance for failure. For 100 years, the hospital has exerted its very best to deliver the best quality patient care and services.

Stamps featuring the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center

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