Trivia about Philippine Tourist Spots

Philippine Tourist Spots

BORACAY – Aklan:
One of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines, is Boracay, located south of Manila. This island shaped like a dumb-be” boasts of powder white sand beaches, clear blue waters and colorful coral reefs.

A passenger terminal will soon rise in Catician as we” as jetty port designed to accommodate 240 seat Catamaran & Tri-Maran fast crafts that travel the inter-island routes of the region

Philippine Tourist Spots

Found on the southem part of the Visayas is this wonder island popularly known for its Chocolate Hills, so named because of its dark brown color during the dry hot summer months.

Bohol is also home to the adventurous travelers with PTA’s Balicasag Island. The reputation “best scuba diving spot in the world” has been proven by more and more guests who check out its fabled reef

EL NIDO – Palawan:
The Philippines last frontier. It’s virgin forest doesn’t fail to awe even the most experienced nature lover as they support a diversified and exotic collection of Fauna and Flora.

VIGAN HOUSE – lIocos Sur:
The most popular of all municipalities in the lIocos provinces, Vigan holds a regal character, owing to its grandeur and importance in Philippine history.

Its cultural heritage is very much evident and alive. Its architecture exhibits a unique blend of Asian, Mexican,and Spanish influences.

Its Museum houses priceless antique collections, archeological and ethnographic artifacts and dioramas of local historical events.

Situated 4,000 feet above sea level, the Banaue Rice Terraces is regarded as the eight wonder of the world.

The terraces is over 2000 years old and carved by hand and indigenous tools by its natives, the Ifugaos.

It’s magestic grandeur never ceased to amaze a traveller, be it local or foreign.

SIARGAO – Surigao (ofdc):
The cloud nine waves of this surfing capital is ranked as among the top 5 breaks in the world. Its mile after mile of curling breakers, has been publicized internationally making it a surfing mecca for both local and international surfers.

Electrification and access allowed the local government to set-up a mid-priced beach resort close to the surfing area called Cabuntog lodge which was built with assistance from PTA.

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