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Pfizer Philippines

The story of Pfizer Philippines can be traced back to 1954 when it registered as a corporation with a total of 9 employees. Its entry into the pharmaceutical industry was not without challenges as the business climate in country during the 50’s proved to be volatile. Driven by dynamic leadership and pioneering spirit, the local team sought to provide value to the community through the business.

Pfizer Philippines

Since then, Pfizer emerged from being a small distribution company to currently being the second largest pharmaceutical company in the country. It has worked tirelessly over the past five decades to make available various innovative, safe and effective products which help in the treatment of serious.Tife-threateninq diseases as well as common, everyday ailments. The company is determined to continue to save lives, prevent diseases and improve the quality of life of Filipinos.

Pfizer’s commitment to improving lives goes beyond developing innovative medicines. Pfizer has partnered with government and various private organizations to provide better access to healthcare especially for needy and medically underserved communities. It launched the Leaders for Health program, in partnership with the Department of Health and the Ateneo Graduate School of Business,to train and develop local government officials and community leaders, and to provide effective leadership in various levels of the Philippine health care system. The company supports the continuing medical education of doctors, allied medical professionals and medical students through the establishment of eight medical information centers in medical institutions and the development of the websites of over 40 medical societies and institutions.

Partnering with private and public organizations, Pfizer has embarked on advocacy campaigns that will increase awareness on certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer, celebral palsy and depression. It is also committed to contributing to society through its projects that promote reading among the youth and increase domestic tourism. On its 50th year, Pfizer reaffirms its commitment to bring longer, healthier and happier lives to more Filipinos in the decades ahead. With its products, top-ranked sales force and unmatched research pipeline, portfolio of leading consumer brands, and industry-leading animal health business, Pfizer is in a position to continue to do more good, for more people, than any other company on the planet.

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