Trivia about the Philippines-Japan Friendship

Philippines-Japan Friendship

The Year 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Philippines and Japan after the ratification of the Peace Treaty and the Reparation Agreement on July 23,1956.

As Philippines celebrate the qolden jubilee of the friendship between Philippines and Japan, we salute those wholehearted individuals who pursued the restoration of the normalization of diplomatic ties. As we look ahead, our Sights are pinned on a brighter future as we are drawn closer together in. friendship.

This year, two postage stamp’s are issued in commemoration of the 50 years of Philippines-Japan Friendship by the Philippine Postal Corporation in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Manila International Sister Cities Association (MISCA).

One of the designs features Mt. Fuji and the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) symbolizing Japan. while the other features Mt. Mayon and Sampaguita flowers -symbolizing the Philippines. Symbolic elements in the stamps embody the peculiar characters of the two countries. The snow-capped Mt. Fuji reveals a majestic charm that has found a home in the hearts of the Japanese people. The Sakura, the national flower of Japan, represents the people’s perennial expectation that prosperity comes after tribulation as certain as the coming of the season when flowers bloom after each Fall. . Dr. Jose Rizal epitomizes the Filipino people’s quest for peace, brotherhood and freedom,

Mt. Mayon’s beauty and magnificence convey the Philippine psyche and the Sampaguita flowers symbolize Filipino purity of heart. These commemorative stamps will be unveiled on July 23, 2006 by the Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Honorable Alberto Romulo and Japan Minister of Foreign Relations, Taro Aso.

Stamps featuring the Philippines-Japan Friendship

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