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GMA Network, Inc.

GMA Network, Inc. (formerly Republic Broadcasting System) began radio operations on March 1, 1950 and TV operations on October 29, 1961. From one radio station in 1950 and one TV station in 1960 in Manila, GMA will operate by the end of 1999 a total of 54 VHF TV stations, 30 UHF TV stations, and 63 AM radio and FM radio stations all over the country.

The original company (RBS) was founded by Robert Stewart who later gave way to the new management triumvirate composed of Felipe Gozon, Gilberto Duavit and Menardo Jimenez. Under a new management, a revitalized network came about adding a new household word – GMA.

The rapid growth of GMA served to stir further the development of the Philippine broadcasting industry. Programming innovation made GMA an industry leader. Strong adherence to wholesome well-balanced programming and responsible broadcasting journalism earned for GMA the image of being the most awarded and respected broadcasting organization in the Philippines.

The technical achievements of the Network, on the other hand, include its transmission tower (dubbed The Power Tower) which is the tallest in the country (77.7 feet) and most powerful in the world (1 million watts). Its current expansion program will enable the Network to reach practically every radio and TV home in the Philippines.

GMA Network, Inc.

The reputation of GMA also extends abroad. With the major awards it has received from the prestigious New York and London festivals. And through its programs beamed by satellite to 19 countries in the Asia Pacific rim and by cable to the United States and Canada.

The services rendered by GMA are not confined to news and entertainment. Its humanitarian activities include the longest running TV public service program, “Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko,” its long association with the ministry of Prison Fellowship Philippines, its involvement in many worthy causes, and its relief and rehabilitation efforts in times of natural disasters.

GMA turns 50 in the Year 2000 with the reputation of being the best in broadcasting. The completion of its new complex at EDSA, Quezon City. On the same year will serve as a landmark not only for the city but also for the industry and the whole country.

Stamps featuring the GMA Network, Inc.

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