Trivia about the Philippine Se Jo Tong Lim Family Association

Se Jo Lim Family Association is an informal association founded in 1908 by elder clansmen led by Lim Kong Chin, Mariano Lim and others to promote unity and foster friendship among clansmen. It was formally inaugurated on the birthday of their ancestor Pi Kan, the 25th day of October in the Chinese Lunar calendar in 1908. The Association adopted the name Se Jo Tong to illustrate brotherhood with other organizations that existed in Manila at the time.

The association has diligently performed its avowed duties of helping unfortunate clansmen, assisting during sickness, fostering friendship among their members and clansmen, promoting cordial relationship between fellow organizations and working for harmony and improvement of the Philippine society.

The clansmen of the association are scattered in Manila, Visayas and Mindanao.

Stamps featuring the Philippine Se Jo Tong Lim Family Association

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