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Trivia about the Social Security System (SSS)

The concept of social security evolved from an age-old search of man for protection against poverty which breeds grave social ills that not only threaten his survival but also erode his sense of human dignity, It, therefore becomes the duty of the State to operate a mechanism that would provide such protection to its people,

On January 26, 1948, President Manuel A. Roxas proposed a bill seeking to establish a social security system for wage earners and low-salaried employees, This was recommended to Congress in his State of the Nation Address, After the death of President Roxas, Pres, Elpidio Quirino created the Social Security Study Commission on July 7, 1948, The creation of the commission was his first official act upon assumption to office, Based on the report of the Study Commission, a draft of the Social Security Act was submitted to Congress, In 1954, Hep. Floro Crisologo, Senators Cipriano Primicias and Manuel Briones introduced bills based on the report of the Social Security Study Commission in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, These bills were consolidated and enacted into Republic Act (RA) 1161, better known- as the Social Security Act of 1954, The originalSocial Security Act was signed by President Ramon F, Magsaysay, Sr. on June 18, 1954,

However, business and labor groups objected to the Social Security Act resulting to a deferment of its implementation. In 1957, amendatory bills were presented in Congress, These bills were the bases of RA 1792, which amended the original Social Security Act.

On September 1, 1957, the Social Security Act of 1954 or the Social Security Law (SS Law) was finally implemented, marking a significant milestone in the social security program, Thus, with the implementation of the SS Law, the government also adopted the social insurance approach to social security, covering the employed segment of the labor force in the private sector, In 1993, household helpers earning at least P1,OOOwere included in the compulsory coverage of employees, In 1980, some groups of self-employed persons were also required to contribute to the social security fund from which benefits are paid upon the occurence of a contingency provided by law, Self-employed farmers and fisherfolks were included in the program in 1992 while workers in the informal sector earning at least P1,OOOa month such as ambulant vendors and watch-your-car boys, were covered in 1995,

The Social Security System (SSS) administers social security protection to workers in the private sector. On the other hand, the Government Service Insurance Systern (GSIS) takes care of workers in the public sector.

The SSS administers two programs namely:
1. The Social Security Program; and
2. The Employees’ Compensation (EC) Program

Social security provides replacement of income for workers in times of death, disability, sickness, maternity and old age, On May 1, 1997, Pres, Fidel V, Ramos signed RA 8282, further strengthening the SSS, Also known as the Social Security Act of 1997, it amended RA 1161, providing for better benefit packaqes, expansion of coverage, flexibility in investments, stiffer penalties for violators of the law, condonation of penalties of delinquent employers and the establishment of a VOluntary provident fund for members, The EC program, started in 1975, provides double compensation to the worker when the illness, death or accident occurs during work-related activities, EC benefits are granted only to members with employers other than themselves.

Today, the Social Security System, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, enjoys a very high rating in terms of public trust and service delivery to its members and the public in general. This is reflective of good governance within the Institution and the support from the National leadership.

Stamps featuring the Social Security System (SSS)

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