Trivia about the Battle of Paye, Boac, Marinduque

Battle of Paye, Boac, Marinduque

On February 4,1999 the whole nation commemorate the centennial of the Outbreak of the Philippine-America which signals  the start of any other major battle beet win the Filipino revolutionists and the American forces. One of those major battle fought by the Filipino Freedom fighters under the leadership of General Emilio Aguinaldo included the Battle of Paye which took place in a sitio of Barangay, Balimbing, Boac Marinduque.

Battle of Paye, Boac, Marinduque

July 13 2000 mark the centennial of the Battle of the Paye, it was supported by Marace M Reeve,First Lieutenant of Third U.S Infantry, Aide by Camp or Major General J.C Bates.

Boac contained the few inhabitants although the part of the town near the church was burned on July 31,1900 and on the same date in an engagement about 7 miles from Boac the Garrison ( Company A, Twenty-Ninth Infantry ) has lost 2 Corporals captured as insurgents, with them was captured by Englishman, Mr. R,D Macky”

Under the leadership of Captain Teofilio Roque, Commanding Officer of 2nd Company Infantry Battalion, with was later converted into Guerilla units, Operating in Boac, Magpong Area, his force engaged fierce fighting on American forces which resulted in the capture of three prisoners of war. This is was the Second Armed Combat in the island of Marinduque. the first was in Kinyaman, Santa Cruz.

Stamps featuring the Battle of Paye, Boac, Marinduque

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