Teach your kids History and Geography give them Stamps

Teach your kids History and Geography give them Stamps
Vatican Mint complete sets

1944 Jesus’ Compassion 3v——————————————–P25.00

1957 Don Bosco / Dominic Savio 4v———————————–P82.50

1958 Lady of Lourdes 100 Years 6v————————————P37.50

1959 St. Casimir 500th Yr. 2v———————————————P18.00

1 959 Christmas 3v———————————————————P25.00

I 961 Pope Leo the Great 500th Yrs. 2v——————————–P74.00

1962 St. Paul in Rome 6v————————————————-P92.00

1962 St Catherine of Siena 3v——————————————-P47.75

1962 Sts. Peter & Paul 4v————————————————-P25.00

1963 Interregnum Issue 3v———————————————–P20.00

1963 Pope Paul VI 4v ——————————————————P35.00

1963 Sts. Cyril & Methodius 3v——————————————P31.00

1963 Christmas 3! ———————————————————P25.00

1964 Paul VI visit to Holy Land 4v—————————————P25.00

1964 Prophets by Michaelangelo 5v———————————–P30.00

1964 The Good Samaritan 3v——————————————–P20.00

1964 Cardinal Nicolas Cusanus 2v————————————P15.25

1964 Christmas/Japanese Paintings 3v——————————P25.00

1964 Pope Paul VI Visit to India 4v————————————-P25.00

1974 St. Thomas Aquinas 3v——————————————–P27.50

1975 Nicolas Copernicus 4v———————————————P25.00

Terms: Payment with order please.    Please add P10.00 for postage.

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