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The Stamp Language

Are stamps where part or all of the receipt are given over to some charitable cause, public welfare, or other relief fund. On most of these stamps are mentioned the amount for postage in addition to a surtax for the find.

Trivia about the Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club (FSCC)

For the Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club (FSCC), the year 2005 marks a decade long effort to promote stamp collecting. It started or. October 1994 when several stamp collectors and dealers met to discuss the possibility of organizing a new stamp club that will cater mainly to beginners and intermediate collectors.

The FSCC started as the Manila Stamp Collectors' Club (MSCC). On January 15, 1995 it held its first meeting at Wendy's-Escolta. Elated by the response, the organizers decided to hold monthly meetings and auctions thereafter.


Trivia about the Amateur Philatelists Organization (APO)

The Amateur Philatelists Organization or APO (forerunner of the APO Philatelic Society) was organized on May 28, 1950 by the triumvirate of Messrs. Francisco Arcebal, Carlos Licup, and Mamerto Gallardo. The APO was founded on the paramount objective of bringing the hobby of stamp collecting into the consciousness of beginners and amateur philatelists by motivating them, educating them with proper guidance in the different aspects of philately, and rearing them to be responsible and competitive stamp collectors.