Stamps featuring Philippine Birds VI

The Philippine Postal Corporation will issue a new series of definitive stamps for 2007 featuring several species of Philippine birds.

Kind of Issue: Regular / Definitive
Denomination & Quantities: P2 – – – 2,000,000
P20 – – – 4,750,000 (4 designs)
Sheet Composition: 100 (10 x 10)
Size of Stamps: 22mm x 25mm
Date of Issue: November 15, 2007
Perforation: 13 1/2
Printing Process: Litho-Offset (4 colors)
Paper: Imported Unwatermarked
Printer: Amstar Company, Inc.
Designer amd Graphic Artist: Corazon T. Loza
Design Coordinator: Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak T.
Layout Artist: Robinson C. Cruza
Designs: P2 – Asian Fairy Bluebird
P20 – various species of Kingfishers (all pictures were taken from the book” A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines”, by Robert S. Kennedy, Pedro C.Gonzales, Edward C.
Dickinson, Hector C. Miranda, Jr. and Timothy H. Fisher)
  1. Asian Fairy Bluebird (Irena puella) – Asian Fairy Bluebirds are common and conspicuous in forest canopy in lowlands and middle elevations, singly or in small groups. The male has a unique brilliant blue and velvety black plumage. This bird calls a loud series of snapping whistles wavering whip whip whip-aaww or weeep weeep weee paw.
  2. Dwarf-Kingfisher (Ceyx lepidus) – Dwarf Kingfishers are uncommon in low understory of lowland forest, singly or in pairs, not usually associated with water. Very fast darting almost invisibly from perch to perch. Color above varies from bright cobalt blue to aqua blue. All blue upperparts and rufous yellow underparts separate it from Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher. They call high-pitched metallic pe-teeeet pe-teeeet while perched.
  3. Blue-capped Wood Kingfisher (Actenoides hombroni) – Blue-capped Kingfishers are uncommon, poorly known and hard to see from lowland to montane mossy forest up to 2000 m. They perch in dark recesses in the understory. They are generally quiet, except in dawn chorus when they give loud kiaw or te-u.
  4. Read more.

Stamps and Official First Day Covers will be available starting November 15, 2007 at the Philatelic Service, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, 1000 Manila and at all Regional Offices of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

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