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Princess of Wales


The Philippines is a world away from England, 1st, when news of Princess Diana's death broke out, many Filipinos felt an affinity to the grieving Britons. Much has been written in praise and tribute to the Princess since she died. Magazines and books about her were gobbled up by grieving fans in Manila.

Not to be outdone. stamp collectors started adding Diana stamps to their collections. Demand for stamps issued to honor Princess Diana closely resembled the ups and downs of her colorful life. Shortly after their Royal Wedding in 1981, the stamps issued by many countries to commemorate the event were much in vogue. In 1982, beautiful sets honoring her 21st Birthday were released. When her marriage began to falter, the popularity of her stamps also went down.

Her tragic death in August- renewed interest in her stamps. Demand was so great that local stocks lere depleted. Prices, specially in England have risen sharply.

Below are some of the stamps issued in the early 1980s to commemorate the Royal Wedding and her 2lst Birthday.


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