Trivia about the Year of the Overseas Filipino Workers

Year of the Overseas Filipino Workers


The estimated seven million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are regarded as the country’s modern-day-heroes, not only because of the invaluable role they contribute in term of the country’s economic aspect but more so on the way they project the Filipinos as world-class workforce. In more ways than one, their expertise in their fields of endeavor coupled with hard work and determination have earned the respect and clamor for their services by foreign employers.

Year of the Overseas Filipino Workers

Certainly, the Filipino migrant workers play a very important role in strengthening our country’s foreign currency reserve by way of remitting portions of the dollar earnings into our banking system, which in a way alleviating the nation’s economic equilibrium. In recognition of their worthy and adorable deeds and valuable efforts in nation-building, the year 2000 was proclaimed as the “Year of the Overseas Filipino Workers” by virtue of Proclamation No. 243 signed by His Excellency JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA. The honor bestowed upon the overseas Filipino workers reaffirms the government’s sincerity to attribute well-meaning accolade to these bunch of hardworking and selfless people who continue to earn respect and acknowledgement all over the world. Undeniably, they are considered assets both to their foreign employers and their ‘kababayans’ as well.

Stamps featuring the Overseas Filipino Workers

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