Trivia about the Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey

Of all the twelve signs in the cycle, this one produces people of the most extra ordinary nature. The Monkey is mischievous, high-spirited, a joker who is always full of comedy–but he is devious with it. Although he’s a sociable creature giving the impression that he gets on famously with everybody, this great rapport is often nothing but a ruse on the Monkey’s part: he is in the fact egotistical and selfish.

Year of the Monkey

Playful, likeable, even obliging at times, he hides the poor opinion he has of others beneath this apparent friendliness. But, to tell the truth, he does not believe he is under any other sign, and considers himself to be superior to any of them.

Year of the Monkey

He is also something of an intellectual. He has a great thirst for knowledge. He will have read everything, seen everything, briefed himself of different kinds of things, and he will be absolutely up to date on everything that’s going on in the world. Cultivated and well-educated, he has such a fantastic memory that he can recall the tiniest details of everything he has seen, read and heard. This is just as well, for otherwise he has an untidy mind, and he relies on this memory a great deal.

Year of the Monkey

Inventive and original in the extreme, the Monkey can solve the most difficult problems with astonishing speed. But once he has decided on a course of action, he should start as soon as possible: if he can’t, he loses interest and abandons the idea without even trying it.

Year of the Monkey

The Monkey has plenty of intelligence, and a fantastic ability to pull the wool over people’s eyes. He is so artful that he can even fool the Dragon–who is strong, stubborn and no fool himself– and resist the magnetism of the Tiger, whom he teases unmercifully.

Year of the Monkey

The Monkey, as diplomatic as he is, always manages to extricate himself from the most difficult situation. Independent and selfish, nobody’s going to put anything over on him!

He has few scruples. He won’t hesitate to stoop to a lie or some piece of double dealing when it’s necessary to further his cause. He will continue to be dishonest just so long as he is sure of getting away with it–for one of his characteristics is that he is very rarely caught out or found out. Certain Monkeys will stretch this elastic conscience of theirs to the point of stealing–and even if they are not all thieves, they are certainly all liars!

In a nutshell, the Monkey is an opportunist. And he has to be one, because his luck will bring him good opportunity. Despite his negative aspects–the vanity, the lying, the unscrupulousness–people will always seek him out for his intelligence and the sharpness of his wit. Skillful in enterprises of great scope, shrewd and sly in money matters, the Monkey will prove an admirable associate and collaborator in anything requiring a quick wit, clear sightedness and perhaps a conscience that is fairly easy to satisfy!

He can succeed in any profession. Politics, diplomacy, industry, trade–none of them will have any secrets from him. He can try anything. Anything will work–above all if he has been fortunate enough to have a higher education.

The Monkey has a good chance of becoming well-known or famous, provided he is allowed to follow his chosen vocation. One thing only threatens his success: he should be careful not to open his mouth too wide. Even with his charm, he can still weary people by talking to much!

Romantically, he will not find happiness. Relations between the opposite sexes will be poor. With his exuberant character, the Monkey will fall easily in love–but he will as quickly tire of the object of his affections and look for another. He will never find a satisfactory one, for he is not a stable personality. Though he can be passionate, his critical sense and his clear sightedness combine to cool off his ardor all too quickly. But his sense of humor saves him from disaster. Luckily, he knows more than anyone how to laugh at his own misfortunes and draw the necessary conclusions from them.

The Monkey makes fun of the Tiger, but he would be better advised to treat him with respect. Any partnership between them, whether in business or for pleasure, is bound to result in fireworks. The Monkey cannot stand violence–but to laugh at a thing doesn’t mean you can’t fall victim to it. The monkey risks being devoured!

Whatever the sign of his marriage partner, the Monkey is likely to have a lot of children.

The first part of his life will be happy. The second will be upset and confused and his plans will often miscarry. The third will be calm–but he will suffer a SOlitary old age and die far from his family, perhaps accidentally.

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