Trivia about the Philippine Postal Service

Philippine Postal Service

The launching of two beautiful special stamps in celebration of the 108th Anniversary of the Postal Service pays tribute to the sturdiness and beauty of the post office building in Manila. The stamps aptly capture in miniature the main post office building, from its ruins to restoration. Touted as one of the most dominating landmarks in Metro Manila and considered the grandest and the most beautiful building of its time, it was built during the early American occupation in 1926. The building’s Roman-ionic architectural design is considered the perfect model of Neo-Classical architecture popular during the 1920s.

The design was the product of combined efforts of noted Filipino and American architects namely Ralph Doane, Tomas Mapua and Juan Arellano. The Philippine Postal Corporation is indeed fortunate to be its owner and to be housed in it.

The building was heavily damaged in the last World War but was restored faithfully according to its original design after the liberation of Manila in 1946, to become the splendid structure that it is now. Today, it stands proud and pleased face to face with the other classical buildings nearby.

Just as the post office building survived through out all these years, so has the postal service able to withstand and endured the many challenges that tested its very existence. To chronicle this achievement is simply to celebrate the determination, perseverance and loyalty of those many individuals who have aided in sustaining this great institution for the past 108 years.

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