Trivia about the PHILAKOREA 2002 World Stamp Exhibition

PHILAKOREA 2002 World Stamp Exhibition
PHILAKOREA 2002 World Stamp Exhibition

With the successful staging of World Cup 2002 still reverberating in the Korean Peninsula, PHILAKOREA 2002 comes as “Culture World Cup,” created amidst the philatelic spirit of “love, harmony, participation, and progress.” PHILAKOREA 2002 World Stamp Exhibition “represents the enrichment of our daily lives through the pursuit of the serene pleasure of a hobby that all family can enjoy together.”

This year’s World Stamp Exhibition will be participated by 150 countries and it opens on August 2, 2002. The world will get to see the impressive progress of Asian exhibits and exhibitors at large. PHILAKOREA 2002 will also host the 67th FIP Congress.

The souvenir sheets come with two backdrops: gold for the imperforates and red for the perforates. Gold signifies rarity that is found in life’s most serene state and red, the vibrant energy extracted from one’s state of happiness. It is in one’s most serene state that one can find true happiness.

The image of Gautama Buddha with a World Peace Tower Stupa in the background imparts Buddha’s universal message of peace, non-violence, compassion, and wisdom as summarized in the “Four Noble Truths” and “Eightfold Path.” The lotus represents the preservation of purity amidst adversities. And the image of tranquil waters nibbling the mangroves is a picture of the most simple and peaceful existence any person would like to live by, devoid of the complexities of life.

If we have to relate the two images to philately, one can simply draw out their relevance. Like the quiet waters that cross the lotus and the mangroves, philately follows the flow of “serene pleasure” of indulgence in the hobby.

Stamps featuring the PHILAKOREA 2002 World Stamp Exhibition

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