Trivia about the Filipino-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Filipino-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The Filipino-Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (FCGCCI) is the “oldest” Chinese business organization in the Philippine which was established in 1904. It aims to provide financial and material contributions to the country, especially assistance to the victims of calamities and needy fellow Filipinos. It also provides settlements as well as arbitrations of disputes brought to its attention in the Chinese community.

During its existence before the year 1950, the chamber enjoyed recognition by the whole Chinese population as their omnibus agency on one hand; while on the other hand, it was the representative agency of the local Chinese in the eyes of our government. On its shoulder laid the twins important tasks of safeguarding the interests and security of the Chinese population. At the same time, taking pains in adjusting the Chinese community in a turbulent and highly complex world situation.

The chamber firmly believes that the Chinese community should be integrated into the big Philippine society, with security and progress as the objectives of the attainment, considering the fact that this country has become their homeland, being the place of their birth, growth and development. Thus, to effect a true integration of the Filipino and the Chinese societies, the Chinese should participate actively in civic and charitable projects as well as social activities; adapt to the customs and traditions of the Filipino people; and break the psychological barrier existing between the two people.

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