Trivia about the Federation of Free Farmers

The Federation of Free Farmers (FFF) is an organization “of farmers, by farmers, and for farmers.” It was founded on the Feast Day of Christ the King, October 25, 1953, by a group of lay Catholic leaders led by the late Dean Jeremias U. Montemayor. From the ashes of the Huk insurgency during the 1950s, the turbulent 1960s, the cataclysm of the martial Law years, the extraordinary events of EDSA, and up to the present day, the FFF has tirelessly fought for the rights of the small Filipino farmer. The FFF has been instrumental in the continued enactment of laws and regulations that have progressively lightened the bloody burden on the peasant’s back. That agrarian reform today, at least in principle, has been seconded in the consciousness and conviction of the Filipino people is due in no small part to the efforts of the FFF and other peasant groups. For this, they paid with their blood. sweat, and tears

Federation of Free Farmers

Today, the FFF has a mass base of 200,000. It also has a cooperative arm, the Federation of Free Farmers, Cooperative, Inc. (FFFCI), that has 40 active primary affiliates, mostly on the provincial level, and under which operate approximately 400 barangaybased cooperative chapters.

Stamps featuring the Federation of Free Farmers

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