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Equitable PCI Bank

Seeing the need to revitalize and help build the country’s economy shortly after the second world war, Go Kim Pah established Equitable Banking Corporation in 1950. Its first headquarters rose in Binondo, Manila where trade and business were starting to flourish. Equitable Bank was the first commercial bank licensed by the newly created Central Bank of the Philippines. The bank grew steadily, establishing its first branch in Divisoria, and the second soon after in Cebu. In 1963, it became the first Filipino bank to establish a foreign branch in the Crown Colony (Honqkonq). The bank answered the call to better serve the community as it became a universal bank in 1988, offering a wide range of products and services in response to the expanding needs of its growing clientele. On April 3, 1997, following a successful Initial Public Offering, Equitable Bank was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Equitable PCI Bank

In May 1999, Equitable Bank acquired PCI Bank. The acquisition, considered as one of the largest in the Philippines before the turn of the century, led to the creation of the merged entity now known as Equitable PCI Bank. With the combined resources, strength and expertise of the two banks, Equitable PCI Bank is one of the country’s top three banks in the new millennium, ready to face the challenges of a more complex business environment and a wider spectrum of clientele.

On the occasion of its 50th year of service on September 26, 2000, Equitable PCI Bank’s commemorative stamp depicts the theme: “Yesterday’s Exchange Tomorrow’s Change” which correlates to the transformation Equitable Bank went through in its 50 years of existence to become a top-tier bank.

The stamp represents the three theme with the business of commerce symbolically depicted as a steel gear rolling through the years from barter (represented as monochromatic jars and silk cloth) to the development of paper currency ( brushed smoothly from the transition of the past) to the present electronic commerce, to the future of banking within the technological milieu. Over a parallel timeframe Equitable Bank grew from a modest bank in Chinatown into Equitable PCI Bank, a top-tier bank now looking to its goal of being a leading world-class diversified financial service provider in the country and in the region.

Stamps featuring the Equitable PCI Bank

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