Trivia about the 3rd ASEAN Para Games

3rd ASEAN Para Games

The Philippines is hosting the 3rd ASEAN Para Games, a biennial multi-sports championship for the differently abled on December 14-21, 2005 with over 1,200 athletes from eleven (11) countries seeing action. It follows the Southeast Asian Games and is hosted by the same country where the SEA Games take place.

3rd ASEAN Para Games

The Southeast Asian version of the Paralympics started in 2001 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Vietnam hosted the second meet of the games. The event expands this year to an ambitious bid to reach a wider audience and match popularity of mainstream sports events such as the SEA Games.

Chaired by Michael Barredo, President of the International Blind Sports Federation, the Philippines ASEAN Para Games Organizing Committee included five (5) more sports disciplines in the calendar, increasing the total number of regular sports to ten (10) and possibly adding four (4) more as demonstration events.

Over six hundred (600) gold medals are at stake in the tournament that will feature the exploits of top athletes who are visually impaired, orthopedically handicapped, intellectually disabled and those with cerebral palsy.

An international Paralympics Committee sanctioned event, the ASEAN Para Games is being held the same year as the SEA Games. Other participating countries are Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, East Timor and Vietnam.

The 3rd ASEAN Para Games has adopted the whale shark (Rhicondon typus) as its mascot. Affectionately named “Buboy Butanding”, it is considered the largest fish in the world. This gentle giant is found to be playful by those who encounter it, visits the Philippine waters between the months of November to May and is a protected specie. As the 3rd ASEAN Para Games mascot, “Buboy Butanding” embodies gentleness and determination.

Stamps featuring the 3rd ASEAN Para Games

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