Trivia about Native Philippine Orchids V

Native Philippine Orchids V

Mariposa – Phalaenopsis amabilis (P30.00) – The leaves of this orchid are few, broadly ovate-oblong, blunt apically, fleshy and leathery, long and about 5″ wide. Inflorescences are slender and gracefully arching. Flowers which vary in size are white, flushed with yellow on the lip and more or less marked and striped with red around the calli. Sepals are oblong and blunt at tips. Petals are clawed, mostly broadly rhombic-cuneate, blunt and somewhat emarginate apically.

Waling-Waling – Vanda sanderiana (P100.00) – This epiphyte grows on branches of tall dipterocarp trees. It is 25 to 100 em. tall with numerous, rather closely arranged long narrow leaves. Inflorescences are stout, erect or ascending to about 12″ long, well-spaced or somewhat crowded flowers. The sepals are greenish with purple streaks and irregular spots. Though similar to the petals, the sepals are smaller, rose purple in color and have purple spots on the lower margins near the base. The flowers, variable in dimensions and color are fragrant and long-lived. Found in Davao and considered an endangered specie.

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