Trivia about Carlo J. Caparas Comics Superheroes

Carlo J. Caparas, born Magno Jose J. Caparas, is a director, producer, writer and a comics strip creator. He is the person behind many Filipino superheroes and “komiks” characters such as Panday, Totoy Bato, Gagambino, Panday and many others.

When the comics industry took a dive in the 1990s, Caparas turned as producer and director of several movies. In 2006, Caparas spearheaded the Komiks Congress, a massive effort to revive the komiks industry in the Philippines. To help spread awareness that komiks is still a popular reading material amongst Filipinos, he toured the country with his Komiks Caravan, an exhibit of original comics issued across the country.

Carlo was recently awarded by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a Presidential Medal of Merit for his contributions to Philippine culture.

On September 14,2007, Caparas launched new komiks titles in newsstands. He hopes that this will boost the popularity of komiks in the Philippines once more.

Stamps featuring Carlo J. Caparas Comics Superheroes

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