Trivia about Butterflies XII


Trivia about Butterflies XIi

Cethosia biblis barangingi (Tsukafa, 1985). Inhabits southernmost Philippines: Bongao, Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi and Jolo. The intense bright red-orange color of the wings in flight makes this species one of the most attractive butterflies. 

Menalaides polytes ledebouria (Escsholtz, 1821). Common once upon a time but now uncommon perhaps due to progress. The butterfly can be seen all year round and is distributed throughout the archipelago. Can be found around human habitations and also thrives in secondary forests.
Appian Hero palawanica (Staudinger, 1889). A popular orange pierid butterfly distributed in the Chinese peninsula to Sundaland and the Philippines. Subspecies A. n. palawanica can be found in Palawan. The female has three forms- orange, yellow and white distal band on its wings.

Udara tyotaroi (Eliot & Kawazoe, 1983). Found only in the high altitude areas of Mt. Apo, Southern Mindanao. This tiny butterfly belongs to the Lycaenidae family, commonly known

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