Trivia about Butterflies XI


butterflies xi

Parantica noeli.  One of the most significant finds of the decade, this new species is one of the most striking Danaid butterflies.

Chilasa osmana osmana. An extremely rare swallowtail from Southern Leyte and North-eastern Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. A relatively large tailless butterfly belonging to the veiouis species-group.

Graphlum sandawanum joreli. The Apo Swallowtail (Graphium sandawanum) is a species of butterfly in the Papilionidae family. It is endemic to the Philippines. This butterfly can be found at high altitude on Mt. Kitanlad in Bukidnon.

Papilio xuthus benguetanus.   A butterfly which may be locally common, but has a very restricted distribution within the Cordillera Central of Northern Luzon. A lovely butterfly with short tails and a forewing length of 44-48 mm. The sexes are similar in appearance, with the female slightly larger.

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