Trivia about Butterflies X


Butterflies X

Idea electra electra (Semper, 1878).  A unique species confined to Mindanao. Popularly known as the “Dragonfly Idea” due to the appearance of the males’ elongated forewings and extra long abdomen.

Charaxes bajula adoracion (Schroeder & Treadaway, 1982). Uncommon nymphalid species found in Northern and Central Luzon. The butterfly was named after writer Adoracion Gaskell Nuyda for her contributions on pro-environment articles.

Tanaecia calliphorus calliphorus (Felder, 1864). Inhabits forested undergrowth areas and can be found in Luzon, Marinduque and Polilio Island. Can easily be recognized by the iridiscent blue band on its wings.

Trogonoptera (Honrath, 1886). This butterfly is an endemic species in Palawan, where it replaces Trogonoptera brookiana in the rest of Sundaland. Trogonoptera trojana is considered one of the most beautiful oriental butterflies.

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