Stamps featuring the Philippine Shells

For this first series, the following Philippine shells are featured:

Se-tenant Blocks of 4:  25,000

6p – Chicoreus saulil

6p– Spondylus varians

6p– Spondylus linguaefelis

6p – Melo broderipii

Miniature Sheets of 16:  6,250
Se-tenant Blocks of 4: 6p – Chlamys senatoria

6p – Siphonofusus vicdani

6p – Epitonium scalare

6p – Harpa harpa

Miniature Sheets of 16: 6,250
24p Souvenir Sheets of 4  (10,000) 6p – Siliquaria armate

6p – Argonauta argo

6p – Perotrochus vicdani

6p – Corculum cardissa

Photographer: Hans Lerwyn Villarica, Catherine Grace Tan
Graphic Artist:  Hans Lerwyn Villarica
Design Coordinator: Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak
Designs:  From the collection of Victor Dan

Trivia about the Philippine Shells

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